Chiropractic Staff Training

All of the courses are created by successful Chiropractors and CAs

Train Your CAs and Unlock Their Potential

Tried online courses?  They can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with.  Our 12 month course is broken down into monthly studies with drip feed content.  Which means you don't get access to all the content at once leaving you with a sense of overwhelm.  Every 30 days you will have access to the next Benchmark so that you can focus on one month at a time.  

We do offer a Quick Start program that will give you access to the first 3 Benchmarks all at once.  And if you feel you only want a couple of the Benchmarks, we offer an a-la-carte option as well.  

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Are you new to your Chiropractic office? Get engaged immediately with our Jump Start Program. You’ll receive over 8 hours of detailed training that will help you begin your journey in Chiropractic on Day 1 with the core essentials needed to hit the ground running! This program includes 3 Benchmarks. Each Benchmark includes video’s, detailed…

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The Comprehensive Course has all 12 BM’s for CA training.CAs, you are the face of the office! You are the first person a prospective patient speaks to on the phone. You are the first person that New Patient see’s when they enter the office. You are the person they trust to help them navigate this…

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Individual Systems Training Are you an experienced CA that just needs some specialized training? The “Choose Your System” program was created for Chiropractic Assistants that are wanting to sharpen their skills and improve their office systems for greater results. Want to start participating in outside marketing of the practice? Need some help with generating referrals?…

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In office training coming soon!

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OK, you’ve worked very hard and invested a lot of money in yourself to become the best chiropractor you can possibly be. You’ve also invested time and money to have the best chiropractic office in your area. And while that’s great, it simply isn’t enough in today’s world!

You also must have the best support group to complement your work! We’re talking about your staff! And it doesn’t matter if you have one or 10 people supporting you. They need to be very well trained so you can do your work.

Think about this Doctor…there are only two things you need to be doing during your work day…adjusting and educating!

Your staff should be competently and completely trained to do EVERYTHING else!

So the question is simple…is this happening in your office?

If not, this is the place for you. We’ll educate your staff “chiropractically” speaking, help them set up systems, policies, procedures, communication systems and everything else that comes with allowing you to do your work without interruption.

Jump Start Course


  • CA Benchmark 1
  • CA Benchmark 2
  • CA Benchmark 3


Principles and Terminology

• Chiropractic’s Core Ideas
• What Your Doctor Wants
• Core Principles PowerPoint Presentation
• What Happens When You Have Nerve Interference?
• Core Objectives
• Chiropractic Terminology


Exceptional Service Techniques

• Exceptional Service
• What Your Doctor Wants
• Webinar – The Service Concept
• Exceptional Service PowerPoint Presentation
• BM 2 Core Objectives
• The Use of Scripts


Telephone Procedures

• Telephone Procedures
• Unbeatable Telephone Techniques
• Dynamic Telephone Techniques PowerPoint Presentation
• Telephone Scripts
• Doctor Questions vs. C.A. Questions
• What Your Doctor Wants

Comprehensive Course


  • CA Benchmarks 1-12

The Comprehensive Course has all 12 BM's for CA training.

CAs, you are the face of the office! You are the first person a prospective patient speaks to on the phone. You are the first person that New Patient see’s when they enter the office. You are the person they trust to help them navigate this experience we call Chiropractic. You answer their questions, make financial plans work for them, file their insurance, get them to bring in their families to get checked. YOU MAKE THINGS WORK.

That is why we’re so excited to bring this program to you. To help you become EXCEPTIONAL at what you do. Whether you are new to your office or have been in Chiropractic for some time, you will find that the information and training you receive in this program will help you become not only a good CA, but a GREAT CA

In this 52 Weeks Comprehensive CA program you’ll have 12 Benchmarks of learning material that can be adapted to any practice, as long as you want to see and help more people! It is full of material that needs to be studied, learned and PRACTICED to bring you to your next level. As you grow yourself with this information and training, there will be discussion topics for use in your Team Meetings. You can help more people with Chiropractic, develop deep and lasting communication skills that can be used ANYwhere, and have more fun than you ever imagined every day helping people! So, are you willing to do what’s necessary to go from average to good to GREAT? Excellent! Let’ s get started!

Choose Your System

From $199 to $349

  • CA Benchmarks 1-12 individually

Choose your course below.

Individual Systems Training

Are you an experienced CA that just needs some specialized training? The “Choose Your System” program was created for Chiropractic Assistants that are wanting to sharpen their skills and improve their office systems for greater results. Want to start participating in outside marketing of the practice? Need some help with generating referrals? Financial system need some congruency? With the Choose Your System program, we make it easy for you to pick and choose the area that you would like to focus on.

You will have access to the materials for 3 months to enable you to revisit and review as much as you need! Upon completion of your current Benchmark, discounts are available to upgrade to our 12 Benchmark Comprehensive Program.

CA Benchmark 1


Core Principles

  • Why we are different
  • The function of the Nerve System
  • Basic Anatomy of Spine & Nerve System
  • Chiropractic Terminology
  • Your Role as a Chiropractic Assistant

CA Benchmark 2


Exceptional CA

  • Steps of Service
  • Company Objectives
  • Improving People Skills
  • Ritz-Carlton Level Service Training
  • Personal Image

CA Benchmark 3


Telephone Procedures

  • Proper telephone etiquette
  • Verbal communication skills
  • New Patient calls
  • Handling patient questions
  • Scheduling over the phone
  • Handling sales calls, etc.

CA Benchmark 4


Scheduling Procedures

  • Scheduling New Patients, Reports, Exams
  • Multiple appointment scheduling
  • Keeping patients on track with care
  • Scheduling for your New Patient Health Talk

CA Benchmark 5


First Visit System

  • First Impressions & Etiquette
  • Important and Necessary Documents
  • Communication Skills
  • Procedures and Policies
  • Financial Communication and Policies

CA Benchmark 6


Second Visit System

  • The Report of Findings system
  • Communicating Care Plan Recommendations
  • Handling Questions
  • Documents necessary
  • Patient Compliance

CA Benchmark 7


The Financial System

  • Create ease in your Financial system
  • Manage Insurance and Non-insurance patient accounts
  • Build communication skills in discussing finances
  • Perform expert financial consultations
  • Discuss financial options

CA Benchmark 8


Handling Questions/Concerns

  • How to address commonly asked questions competently
  • Handling questions about scheduling or finances
  • Handling objections, concerns or disgruntled patients
  • Knowing the difference between a Doctor question and a C.A. question

CA Benchmark 9


Missed Appointment System

  • Communication strategies for calling missed appointments
  • System training for retention
  • Handling repeat missed appointments
  • Communication strategies for Re-engaging inactive patients

CA Benchmark 10


Referral Generation System

  • Becoming your Doctor’s best asset
  • How to connect with patients that encourage referrals
  • Family referrals
  • Generating Success Stories
  • Growing the practice from the inside

CA Benchmark 11


Helping Build Doctor's Practice

  • Gain confidence & ease talking Chiropractic outside of the office
  • How to handle objections/ concerns/questions from prospective patients
  • How to do a Spinal Screenin
  • How to create and manage internal and external marketing events

CA Benchmark 12


Improve Patient Flow/Increase Capacity

  • How to Increase patient visit capacity
  • Identify Barriers to Growth
  • Streamline Procedures
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Avoid the Growth Trap


Cheryl Langley, DC

[email protected]

A 1987 Life Chiropractic College graduate, Dr. Cheryl Langley built and maintained a highly successful, volume family practice, consistently caring for over 100 patients per day, while having and raising two exceptional children.  Her journey began in Dr. Rick Franks office as an Associate Doctor.  There she developed her skills and trained with Dr. Franks on the very systems that the 52 Weeks To Success Program brings to you! She continued on in her own practice and in the following years trained and mentored Doctors to excel in her practice as well as on their own.  Dr. Cheryl is rock-solid in her chiropractic philosophy and credits her success in practice on keeping her principles and philosophy strong, building a great team and mastery of a systems-based approach to growing a thriving family practice.

Dr. Langley was a member of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Council of Chiropractic for 10 years, and served as President from 1998-2000. She received the GCC “Chiropractor of the Year Award” for the year 2000, and was the recipient of the “Ernie Landi Award” for Family Practice Chiropractor of the Year Award in 2006.  Internationally, Dr. Langley served on the Board of Directors for the FSCO.

She is a popular guest speaker/presenter nationwide at organizations and colleges:  Parker Chiropractic College, Life University, Life West Chiropractic College, Sherman College of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dynamic Essentials, Palmetto State Chiropractic Assn. GCC Philosophy Night, FSCO Triune Seminars, ICPA Pediatric Certification Program, New Beginnings Seminars, Focus Philosophy Seminars, as well as various state chiropractic organization conventions.

Dr. Langley brings her practice experience to the 52 Weeks To Success Program as a contributor and coach, helping chiropractors create and build successful principled practices, enabling them to help more people and build a great life.Cheryl_baby


  •   Chiropractic knowledge/terminology
  •   Recalls
  •   Office flow/scheduling Marketing Procedures for CAs
  •   Telephone etiquette
  •   Handling problems
  •   Handling payments/finances
  •   Office products/services
  •   Special procedures
  •   Helpful Videos and Power Points
  •   NP workshops
  •   Special Webinars for CAs
  •   Office etiquette
  •   Role playing exercises
  •   Systems Production
  •   Avoiding in office problems
  •   And much, much more!



Doctors Cheryl Langley and Rick Franks will give you the best of their combined 60 years of training Chiropractic Assistants. They will cover everything from A-Z, allowing you to grow your practice and reach your full potential!

Doctor, you’ve spent a lot of time and money to grow yourself and your business. Don’t let an untrained staff keep you from reaching your potential!

Just imagine…one prospective patient per week decides NOT to visit you because of poor telephone etiquette in your office. That’s 52 new patients lost and if each new patient averages $2,000 in income for you, it doesn’t take long to do the math!

In the 52 Weeks to Success CA Training Program, we hold the same principles for your staff as we do for you…that success comes from the mastery of little things. When your staff gets the little things done, it allows you to be your best, do your best and as a result, have the best in everything! So don’t wait, let’s get going now and make your office the “Go To” office in your community!