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There’s only one way to get there.  You gotta get better, so you can get bigger!


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Take a look at your "Faculty"! If you were choosing a chiropractic school to attend so you could learn chiropractic, could you find a better group of teachers? I know you couldn't! You now have the opportunity to learn from the best in the business! It's all right here, right in front of you! They are saying, "WE can help you!" We are here 24/7 for you!

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Success leaves clues! It is the result of mastering the little things; things you might not have learned or grasped in school. The good news: now you can learn what those little things are. And you can learn them from the best principled chiropractors on the planet!  

Imagine having all the greatest chiropractic educators and practitioners gathered in one place, ready to share their wisdom with you, right when you need it most-your time! Just look at that lineup! It reads like an All-Star team and now you can learn from them right here! 

With Chiropractic Foundations, you now have the ultimate tool to level up your practice and your life. It’s your ticket to reaching your full potential faster, courtesy of the world’s fastest-growing #1 system for professional growth and self-improvement. Ready to dive in and unlock your success? 

  • The purpose of school is to help you get your license. You have or are accomplishing that now. The next step is learning how to become successful with those tools. And this is the place where you can get that information!  
  • We have lined up the best-principled doctors in the world to help you in your quest to reach your full potential as a chiropractor! Now, you can learn from the best teachers in our profession, right in one place and on your schedule! 
  •  You’ll have access to classes from the world's best chiropractors as they cover the four legs of the chiropractic stool…Philosophy/History, Science, Art/Technique, and Practice Building/Self-development!  They’ll help you become more productive, and ultimately create a better life for you AND your patients. These doctors have a wealth of knowledge and now you can see and learn from them regularly! 
  • In addition to all that, you'll have personal tools for success: goal setting, a personal mindset journal, life assessments, and a personal growth course system.  It's your ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM for personal development and practice growth! 

Start journaling, tracking your accountability, watching your daily emails and videos, and communicating with inspiring teachers right now. You’ll be more motivated, confident, productive, and GETTING BIGGER by simply getting better yourself. That’s exactly how it works! And we’ll get you there if you’re willing to do the work! 

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3 Months of 52 Weeks 2PFS

Learn how to create a profitable and successful practice with proven methods from a Doctor who has done exactly that in his practice.


Quick Start: Get your CAs going now!

Your CAs are key to running a successful practice.  To get better, your CAs need training.


Quick Start: Mindset - Just The Daily Motivational Emails

Get daily emails with actionable and proven  motivations to start your day off on the right track.


A Student's Perspective

Listen to a student as he takes you on his journey of becoming a successful Chiropractor starting with Day 1 at a  practice.


Every Course You'll Need, Right Here In Our Resource Center!

Take control of your practice and learn what it takes to be better with these comprehensive courses listed below.

These are the tried and true tools that will help you move your business to the next level of success.

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Everything listed plus so much more.  Get it all for one price and save money.  Everything you need to build and grow your principled practice all in one place.


Chiropractic Lifecare of America!

Doctor, Legalize Your Cash Practice in 30 Minutes and Avoid Costly Audits!

Join 5,000 chiropractors who use Chiropractic Lifecare in their office for their cash discount program


52 Weeks 2PFS

Learn exactly what it takes to have a successful and prosperous practice from someone who has been doing it himself successfully for over 35 years. As a principled chiropractor, you want your patients to be subluxation free so they can reach their full potential. Doctor, you should also want your head and practice procedures to…


Chiropractic Staff Training

OK, you’ve worked very hard and invested a lot of money in yourself to become the best chiropractor you can possibly be. You’ve also invested time and money to have the best chiropractic office in your area.   And while that’s great, it simply isn’t enough in today’s world! You also must have the best support…


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Marketing Done For You!

We have exactly what you need for your Practice!

Doctor, wouldn’t it be great if you had a marketing team that was constantly sending you new patients and it didn’t cost a dime?  What if you could turn your patients into a marketing machine for you and your practice?  What if they could refer…


A Student's Perspective!

Follow Dr. Tyler as he learns and talks about his observations of a successful practice.  Get the first 3 videos for free!


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Chiropractic Mystery Caller!

You’re open for business, you’ve done all the necessary office preparation, and everything is set…or is it?


Daily Practice Building and  Motivational Emails!

Emails/videos delivered right to your inbox 5 days a week to get you in the right mindset for building a successful, principled practice .


1 on 1 Coaching!

Want Individualized Training Also?  Our 1-on-1 personal coaching is another service we offer to help you achieve your goals of having a successful practice.  It’s just another tool we offer.  We realize that all too often some of us need someone to hold us accountable.


Organization Board!


A revolutionary 3 part program that will vault your practice to the next level and give you the free time you deserve!


Even More Tools To Help You Build A Successful Practice 

Habit Tracking

Change your Mindset with our Habit Tracking feature.


Journaling Feature

Journaling section to keep you focused on your goals.


Planner Feature

Daily/weekly planner, to keep you on track to success.

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I'm Dr. Rick Franks

Like most of you, growing up I had no idea what chiropractor did. I would do what everybody else did… grab pills and eat them every time I felt bad. But something inside me kept telling me that was wrong and there was a better way to health. I attended college and began my teaching career but wasn’t happy. One night in a conversation with my dad over my future, a small voice from within told me to go become a chiropractor. I had no idea what chiropractors did and had never been to one. But the voice wouldn’t go away, so I began investigating it.

The more I looked, the more the chiropractic philosophy made sense to me. I learned the major premise behind chiropractic is that the power that made us in the first place is the same power that heals us and keeps us healthy. What a concept!!!